Let’s be responsible – Responsible Tourism

We believe that our specialism - quality ecotourism - has a truly important part to play in the conservation of many threatened habitats in India and wherever we go - indeed tourism can be the major factor in saving an area from damage by destructive forestry or agricultural practices. We think that ecotourism also has a role in promoting the whole idea of conservation, especially in those regions where it is currently given a low priority. All our leaders, and we would guess most of our clients, are committed conservationists, and in many ways we see ourselves as ambassadors for conservation wherever we travel, even where there are opposing views locally.

• We always seek to minimize environmental damage on our tours, for example by traveling in small groups, spending more time within a smaller area, and sometimes spending whole days without using vehicles.

• Wherever possible we use local guides, and locally-owned and locally-operated suppliers of accommodation, produce, transport and tour management. We also actively seek out and prefer those who are committed to conservation and responsible tourism, even though they might be a little more expensive than others.

• We will continue to run tours to several places with a dubious environmental record, believing that by working with conservation-minded local agents and organizations within those places, we can help to strengthen their hand. We continue to make our feelings known to the authorities in these places and encourage our clients to do so.

• We encourage our clients to observe a Code of Conduct in order to minimize their impact on the environment while on our tours. We strongly discourage the collecting of specimens andpicking of flowers on a tour.