Tadoba National Park

Facts & Figures
Area : 625 sq Km (Core area of 322 km)
Altitude : 400m to 1200 m
Temperature Range : 42°C to 4°C
Best time to Visit : November to june

About Tadoba National Park

Often referred as ‘Jewel of Vidharba’, the Tadoba national park is Maharashtra’s oldest national park. This 116.55 sq km park lies in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra.

Tadoba national park was started in 1955 and it was named after a local deity Taru, venerated by the tribals. According to mythology, Taru was a village head who was killed in encounter with a tiger. The shrine dedicated to God Taru, is located on the banks of the Tadoba lake.

The park was declared a Project Tiger reserve in 1993. It is one of the best tiger reserves of India as tiger population has increased rapidly. Tadoba National Park and Andhari wildlife sanctuary together form the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR).
For the convenience of tourists, jungle safaris are organized to facilitate tiger spotting.

Apart from tigers, you can also spot leopards, gaur, wild dogs, sloth bears, jungle cats, hyenas, sambar, cheetal, nilgai and barking deer. The park is also home to about 181 species of birds, which includes endangered and water birds. One can also spot marsh crocodiles and migratory ducks around the Tadoba lake.

Tadoba tiger reserve has high rate of man tiger conflict. Several instances have also been reported of wildlife killing domestic livestock.

Flora and Fauna in Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park is located in Chandrapur district at north-east of Maharashtra State in India. Maharashtra state is located in west of India, having Mumbai city - economic capital of India. Tadoba National Park encompasses Tadoba Tiger Reserve and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the oldest National Park of Maharashtra state, created in year 1955. Area of Tadoba National Park is 623 sq. km. Earlier it was established in year 1935 where as Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1986. In year 1995, both of them were merged to establish a new Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve. In a way to appreciate the importance of Tadoba Tiger Reserve it is also referred as “The Jewel of Vidharba”. Vidharba is a North-East region of Maharashtra state in India. Tadoba name is derived from local god called “Taru” where as Andhari is a river that passes through Tiger Reserve. Wildlife reserve offers panoramic sight of hills, valley, meadows and lake. Tadoba lake is located at center of the park offers exceptional wildlife viewing during arid season.

Tadoba forest incorporates flora of Sal, Indian Butter Teak, Tree (Mahua), Mango, Black-plum, Bamboo, Bel, Casia, Flame of Forest, Terminenalia Hiwar, Margosa etc. Reserve is manifested with substantial forest intermingled with paddocks and regions materlizing scrub forest. Mammals sighting of Tadoba forest encompasses Asiatic Bison (Indian Gaur), Wild Dog (Dholes), Tiger, Leopard, Striped Hyens, Four-horned Antelope, Jungle Cat, Sambhar and more. Avi-fauna of Tadoba is also amazing comprising about 200 bird species can be encountered during Tadoba Park Safari. Some of the prominent birds seen here are: Jungle fowl, Fishing Eagle, Paradise Fly-catcher, Indian Roller, Honey buzzard, Crested Serpent Eagle, Indian Pitta, Yellow-footed Green Pigeon etc. Among reptiles, Crocodiles in Tadoba lake are the another major reptile species found in this forest.
Tadoba-Andhar Tiger Reserve encompasses Moharli range, Kolsa range, Chimur hills etc. It is more appreciated by those wildlife lovers who would like to visit a little known, untouched, free from tourist-groups, calm & pleasant. Tiger Trail resort is the ideal accommodation in Tadoba Tiger Reserve along with rest-house of Maharashtra Tourist Development Corporation.
Taboda is easily accessible from Nagpur city. It is just 200kms/04:00hrs drive from Nagpur city which is very well connected with all major metro cities of India along with direct flight from other countries also. Generally it is linked with tour itineraries of Kanha National Park, Pench & Satpura National Parks.

Safari in Tadoba National Park
Jeep safaris are available from outside the Park as well from Moharli, Kolsa ranges.


Access From Airport

The nearest airport to Tadoba National Park is Nagpur 167km.it is conveniently connected to major Indian cities through a number of daily flights. Besides taking your own vehicle will also help you travel inside the park.

Access From Railways

The nearest railway station is at warora 51km.,Nagpur 167km., which can be accessed from Delhi,Mumbai,Bangalore.  The journey from Nagpur takes around 3-4 hrs.

Access From Roadways

Nearest city is chandrapur 45km.and its important centre to come to tadoba.buses between Nagpur and Chandrapur are plenty.Nagpur is an ideal place which is well connected to Tadoba.