Sharad is more home in forest. His wildlife photography is widely acclaimed and respected. Last 20 years, he has travelled all over the world exploring jungles, rivers and mountains . He is passionate about conservation efforts for eco sensitive sites. Sharad enjoys being with groups of people on exciting journeys in the wild.


Started his nature activities in areas of trekking, rock climbing , photography, and wild life in 1985 resulting into extensive excursions in Jungles, rivers , mountains and places of interest – across the globe - where he learnt about flora, fauna and most importantly cultures.

Extensive traveling has given him insights about places, peoples, habitats which he narrates more in social, art and science perspectives than general description. Brings in contemporary issues so that everyone is able to relate to surrounding more as human being.

Worked for 25 years in industry after Engineering and Management graduations.


Bhaskar is complete nature person in himself. A vivid bird watcher and photographer, has got lots of accolades for his exemplary skills of spotting, identifying and clicking the birds on a birding trail or in safari. He is a bird-encyclopedia on the move. Having him on a birding tour is an enriching experience for all. His contribution to NATURE UNLIMITED is invaluable since its inception. Bhaskar’s photographs on NATURE UNLIMITED’s website has made the website truly complete in all aspect.